Our Story

Welcome to Kape and thank you for checking us out!

We’re Yvette and Eren, and we started Kape because we wanted to create good, healthy food for others to enjoy. Everything we produce is hand made by us and our team from raw ingredients at our premises in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Our nuts and nut butters are different to others you may have tried. We don’t roast our nuts, but instead activate then dehydrate them.

Activating is the process of soaking in spring water to “wake” the seed, this reduces phytic acid, making it easier for us to digest and absorb the nutrition from the nut. We then gently dehydrate at low temperatures to preserve the nut naturally.

Nut butters are then cool milled, to preserve their rawness and hand filled into little pots of gooey goodness.

Our flavoured activated nuts are coated in all natural ingredients to give them a clean, moreish taste.

We have recently made wholefoods in bulk available on our site, bringing you wholesale prices on the raw ingredients that we use and love.

We believe in doing things the right way, we buy our nuts direct from farms so the farmer gets a better deal, we use local providers for services as much as possible, and we absolutely hate plastic packaging! All our nut butters are packaged in reusable glass jars and wrapped in kraft paper for protection. We use eco bubble wrap for the larger jars which is biodegradable.

We started Kape while sitting around our dinner table and we’re driven by a passion for great tasting, healthy food.

We hope you enjoy!

Yvette and Eren