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Ferer-no Rocher Protein Bar

This recipe was contributed by Ki. Ki's got some great baking ideas on  her Insta page:

Prep time – 30 minutes | Cooking time – 0 minutes


1tbsp Pure Hazelnut Butter
25g Vegan Yogurt
25g Hazelnut Chocolate Protein Powder 
5g Cacao Powder
1/2 tbsp Erythritol or Granulated Sweetner of choice 
1 Squirt/couple drops Hazelnut Praline Flavouring
Splash of water as needed! Your dough should be tacky and hold together well but not a sticky mess! 


  1. Mix together all your wet ingredients!

  2. Once fully combined fold in everything else!

  3. Transfer into a lined baking tin, smooth out and put into the fridge to chill!


  1. Dark Chocolate

  2. Chopped Pure Activated Hazelnuts

  3. Melt chocolate and spread on top of your brownies!

  4. Sprinkle chopped hazelnuts on top